Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cheapest Granite Countertops Atlanta

The beauty and effect of a quality granite job will last forever,

 however, poor quality and installation will do the same.

When you are searching for the cheapest granite #countertops in Atlanta consider a few things.

First ordering ‘cheap’ granite countertops is like going into a restaurant and ordering a cheap steak. You generally get what you ask for. A cheap steak is probably full of fat and gristle and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The same can be true of cheap granite countertops. They can be full of fissures and flaws and can leave a bad taste as well.

These are the things to check for when shopping for granite countertops:
1 – Are the slabs 3cm thick or are they trying to push the thin stuff off on you?
2 – Are the slabs precut ‘blanks’, causing extra seams and determining their location?
3 – Can you view or select your own slabs?
4 – Are the slabs a superior grade or a contractor grade? ‘Contractor grade’ in the stone industry is what many other businesses refer to as ‘thirds’.
5 – Do you have viewing privileges and final approval of the layout on the slab? If not, you are at the mercy of the fabricator as to the final appearance of your granite counters.
6 – Are any cutouts (sinks/cooktops) reinforced?
7 – Is the seller advertising ridiculous “bait & switch’ prices just to get you into their store?

There is a big difference between cheap and reasonable. Just because granite #countertops are not ‘cheap’ does not mean that they cannot be reasonable and/or inexpensive. Do your homework, be an informed buyer. Don’t be taken in by marketing gimmicks. Search for a handful of legitimate, quality minded granite companies and get detailed estimates to compare. You can also get a feel for the company that you would be dealing with.

Don’t fall for ‘slap and go’ companies who offer the ‘cheapest #granite countertops in Atlanta’. Be informed and make a decision that you won’t regret later.
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