Monday, February 24, 2014

Your Own Private Island

At a recent Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association meeting, a nationally recognized and Award winning architectural designer addressed the importance of the #kitchen island.  He referred to the island as the "heart of the kitchen". That said, most homeowners now view the island as a piece of furniture.  With the reduction of formal dining rooms and the popularity of open designs, many consumers are now leaning toward larger working - causal dining spaces.  Kitchens are now incorporating work zones rather than the old triangle concept.  Islands fit perfectly into this idea.
Most families spend a great deal of time in and around the kitchen. This is backed up by the popularity of 112 different cooking shows on TV.  Many men are now as into creative cooking, as a hobby, as women.
Builders are urged to give their buyers the 'Wow Factor' and what better place than at the kitchen island. This is a great selling feature and can be accomplished by using both creative design and exotic materials, including #granite and #marble.
Why not create your own private island?
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