Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Choosing Exotic Stones

Exotic Granites

When selecting granite many of us are gravitating toward the more exotic #stones for our own homes.  So how do you select an exotic granite?  Most of the exotic stones available for counter tops tend to come from other countries rather than our own beloved United States. So you may want to add some of these countries to the places that you would like to visit in order to see where your kitchens, baths and other rooms come from.
Exotic stone is treated slightly different from our more common stones.  First, granite is a natural product with random veins of minerals.  It is very important that the stone slabs are sequential to maintain the color variations.  It is next to impossible to match slabs that come from different area of the quarry as the minerals vary so drastically.  Also you will want your slabs to be sliced and polished as mirror images.  This is also very important if you are doing a long run similar to the picture below.
Today Brazil is the largest exporter of exotic #granite as well as traditional colors and patterns.  India and the Scandinavian countries are also large exporters of exotic granite sold in the US today.
Scandinavian Countries excavate a lot of Blues and Greens.  Due to the extreme climate in Scandinavian countries the quarry window is much smaller sometimes making these exotics a little more pricey and difficult to acquire the colors within your color pallet.

When selecting an #exotic stone make sure to inspect and select the slabs yourself. Just ordering by name can really leave you disappointed. The characteristics in a quarry can change within just a few feet. By selecting your slabs and approving the template layout you can rest assured that your kitchen and other projects will be exactly what you expect.
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