Saturday, April 19, 2014

Buy One, Get Three Free!

“Buy One –Get Three Free!”

Have you ever seen a commercial where they offer men’s suits where you buy one get two free?  You go there and pick out a suit with a price tag of $300, and then you were told that was the promo price, if you want the special that suit is $900.
Also have you ever been to the grocery store and gone to the cereal aisle to see the ‘BOGO”, buy one get one, deal on the medium sized box only to see the larger box was less pricey. 
Or have you ever gone to a car dealership looking for the great price they offered in the ad only to find that was a specific VIN number, in a certain color, that only a drug crazed hippie would want. 
If you’ve ever been upset with any of the above scenarios then be very careful with marketing practices in the #granite and #marble industry.  People are constantly advertising $17-$28 per square foot, if you have time- go see what you get for this price, these ads are to draw you in and then flip you to something else.
Sure they have something to offer at that price, but it is generally, thin, unattractive material in a contractor’s grade.  If you were shopping for blue jeans, contractor’s grade would be referred to as thirds.  A lot of things go into the determination of the grade of the material.

Despite the attempt at making granite a commodity item, by both the large retailers and the ‘chop shops’, natural stone is still the Artwork of God and Mother Nature.  However, it is not nearly as expensive as it was 25 years ago due to advances in technology.  Granite can be inexpensive without being ‘cheap’.  Before you spend your hard earned money or your tax refund on granite #countertops, do your research and don’t fall for scam tactics. Hire a quality granite company to perform your work.  Take Granite 101.  The end result will be something you will see every day for the length of time you are in your home.
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