Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What is a 'Man Cave'?

Man-cave, noun Informal: a room or space (as in a basement or attic) designed accordingly to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities.  First known use of MAN CAVE:  1992.

The ‘Man Cave’ has become a common term used to describe a room to get-away from everyday stresses.  The common structure of a man cave stays fairly consistent using natural materials like stone and wood.  Keep in mind there are certain requirements that inherently create the perfect Man-Cave room.

I think the very first rule is that women aren’t allowed to decorate. So gentlemen listen to me when I say Granite and Quartz on the bar area provides the stone that gives the room a natural awareness of a true cave atmosphere.  And you know you love the woodsy outdoors so why not bring
some wood in the room.  That can be done with a fireplace, flooring, ceiling, walls, even lamps and end tables.

My brother-in-law prefers the football theme.  The basement has become his retreat with a granite bar and seating area that overlooks the 70” screen for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  He has created a room, complete with striped football turf, that UGA would be proud to play ball on. Beer themed neon signs at the bar and UGA banners serve as a backdrop behind the screen.  In addition, the d├ęcor includes the Wide Mouth Bass and other fishing trophies that he proudly displays among his NFL memorabilia.  The ‘Man Cave’ bath includes a Craftsman tool box modified for the sink and don’t forget the magazine rack.

Many of the caves I have had the pleasure to visit all include, at a minimum: a TV, bar fridge, table for sharing the Doritos and wings, and a desk (to inspire the idea that they may actually work for a living).  Whatever you decide to include should be of your choosing and there are no rules for decorating your very own ‘Man Cave’.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

How to select quality granite and marble (even if you've never shopped granite or marble)

Who can you trust?  When you finally decide to replace those laminate counter tops, get the scoop on your fabricator.  These days there are so many #granite and #marble fabricators attempting to peddle their wares that the trade is diluted with commercial grade granite.  The best way to get a quality job is to learn as much as possible.
Aquario Granite Slab
You may only purchase granite once per home so here are some tips to protect you.  Some stones are very pretty to look at but the real beauty also runs throughout the slab.  Some granite will have cracks that have been filled in with epoxy or some other substance. If you know what to look for, it is easy to find.  Know who you’re doing business with and ask for customer referrals. Do they do the little things to insure a trouble-free installation?
What should you look for?  Beware of contractor grade stones available at a reduced rate.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  I once read an advertisement for granite that was totally unethical.  They advertised a granite kitchen countertop for $2,500 based on 40 square feet.  Holy Cow, that comes to over $60 per square foot.  They were offering common granite selections that can be purchased for a lot less money. The craziest thing is that it was supposedly 50% off. Geeeeez, that would be over $120 per square foot. Sure there are exotics that cost that much, but they were qualifying the least expensive stones available.
How does the fabricator reinforce their sinks? How do they reinforce their cutouts? Do you get to select your slab and have final approval of the layout?
Havana Granite Slab
Where do you find qualified fabricators?  Talk around, see your options at several different places.  If you know someone that you like and trust, they may be your best source for a referral.  When you shop for the cheapest job you destroy your status as an informed consumer. Some fabricators really don’t care about a good job and know that you aren’t an expert.  Once they have your money……it’s a race to the bank

Most stone prices are comparable.  The only way to get the same product at a reduced price is to cut corners on quality or installation.  Remember the joy of a low priced job doesn’t last as long as the beauty of a quality granite and marble job. Natural stone can be reasonable without being cheap. 
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Friday, June 20, 2014

God only makes cows so big!

Lady, we just can't stretch the granite!

Customers consistently ask if their job will require any seams. We assure them that we only put seams when they are necessary. To determine this, several factors come into play:

-What is the layout of the project?
-How large and what shape are the pieces?
-What is the size of the raw slab and how does the project layout on the slab?
-Where are the sink and cooktop cutouts in the lay-out?
-Is there easy access to the work area?
-What kind of stone is involved?

All of these questions come into play. On many projects we can eliminate all seams. However, on jobs with extra-long runs we cannot. Some customers try to demand that the job be fabricated without seams even if the cabinet sizes are longer than the slabs that they selected. We cannot stretch #granite. In comparison, how many leather coats have you ever seen without seams? Are the sleeves not generally sewn on? They only make cows so big and in certain shapes! Most informed and old time granite customers are aware of this and realize that this is part of the beauty and craftsmanship of natural stone.

An indication of a good #granite supplier are the locations of seams (when necessary) and the quality of the seams. Vacuum seam-setters should be used to insure a tight and minimal seam. Always ask to see an example of your installers work. Also, remember, earth tone and variegated stones hide seams better than dark and solid stones. On some stones they almost disappear.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Splash or not to Splash!

What is a backsplash?  This is a product intended to protect the wall behind your sinks and lavatories from water splashes. In the case of the kitchen it protects the wall from grease and food splatters as well.  Splashes also add an aesthetic value to your kitchen or bath. Backsplashes come in all colors, sizes, shapes and patterns, depending on if you are using tile, granite or marble.
Let’s discuss the 4” back splash first, using a matching material to your countertop or a tile alternative. In this case its main function is to protect the wall from water and not as much aesthetics.  Imagine that you spilled a pot of water.  The splash will protect the wall from the water dripping behind your cabinets and making a very expensive repair.  So at the minimum you need a 4 inch splash.
If you are tiling an existing wall with an existing countertop it is acceptable to tile above the 4” splash that you currently have.  However, if you are replacing this it may better serve you to save the money from the 4 inch splash and apply it to an alternate, more decorative full height tile splash.

There are countless tiles, some pre-matted mosaics, fabricated especially for the #backsplash area.  This tile can be glass, porcelain, ceramic or just about anything attractive to you.  It is normally installed from the top of the counter to the bottom of the upper cabinets. This is a much cleaner look. Tile prices can vary greatly, so do your homework and tally your totals.  This tile will vary in pricing from ultra-reasonable to very expensive. 

Full height #granite, #marble or #quartz solid surface splashes add an incredible look to your kitchen. The beauty of the stone is the continual movement of the veins or variegation that runs across your counters and then flows up your wall as a work of art. Full height stone splashes truly are God and Mother Nature’s artwork!
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Monday, June 2, 2014



At a recent Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association meeting, a renowned national economist was forecasting a much improved future for the #homebuilding/remodeling industry. With the inventory of new homes very low and the fading of short sales and foreclosures, it is a great time to spiff up your home and get it on the market. Average times from listing to sale are very low and resale values are on the way up.

Most realtors will tell you two things that matter most when dressing up your home for sale. Outside, the curb appeal is key and inside the #kitchen is king. With just a few modifications you can transform your home for the market.

When addressing the kitchen or even the bathrooms, the easiest way to dress them up is with beautiful new granite #countertops. With granite now being so affordable and with so many pattern options, they are a must. Many homebuyers will not consider a new home that doesn’t have #granite, #marble or #quartz counters.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Choosing Exotic Stones

Exotic Granites

When selecting granite many of us are gravitating toward the more exotic #stones for our own homes.  So how do you select an exotic granite?  Most of the exotic stones available for counter tops tend to come from other countries rather than our own beloved United States. So you may want to add some of these countries to the places that you would like to visit in order to see where your kitchens, baths and other rooms come from.
Exotic stone is treated slightly different from our more common stones.  First, granite is a natural product with random veins of minerals.  It is very important that the stone slabs are sequential to maintain the color variations.  It is next to impossible to match slabs that come from different area of the quarry as the minerals vary so drastically.  Also you will want your slabs to be sliced and polished as mirror images.  This is also very important if you are doing a long run similar to the picture below.
Today Brazil is the largest exporter of exotic #granite as well as traditional colors and patterns.  India and the Scandinavian countries are also large exporters of exotic granite sold in the US today.
Scandinavian Countries excavate a lot of Blues and Greens.  Due to the extreme climate in Scandinavian countries the quarry window is much smaller sometimes making these exotics a little more pricey and difficult to acquire the colors within your color pallet.

When selecting an #exotic stone make sure to inspect and select the slabs yourself. Just ordering by name can really leave you disappointed. The characteristics in a quarry can change within just a few feet. By selecting your slabs and approving the template layout you can rest assured that your kitchen and other projects will be exactly what you expect.
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Truth in Advertising!

Don't be fooled by half off granite

On a popular site I recently saw a company advertising a last chance for a super deal for half off on up to 40 square feet of #granite.  The deal said the granite was normally $5,000 for 40 square foot but offered at $2,500 including installation.  If you do the math the $5,000 figure comes to $125 per square foot. There was a list of materials applicable that included many of the least expensive granites on the market. $2500 is not a deal on these materials. Most reputable granite companies would have installed first choice materials in these colors for far less than $2500 without using deceitful marketing practices.  I guess some companies can use whatever pricing strategies they want.    Do your research, granite suppliers that both over price and under price their granite are trying to draw you in for a reason.  Be an informed consumer.
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