Saturday, February 8, 2014

Granite - Artwork of God and Mother Nature

Granite and Marble are the artwork of God and Mother Nature.  The fact that modern technology has made natural stone affordable for the masses has made stone countertops a necessity to most realtors.  Realtors will tell a potential seller that the two key things to selling a home are (1) Outside - curb appeal and (2) inside - the kitchen and baths. The key to upgrading a kitchen is to replace the counter top and the appliances.  Keep one thing in mind when replacing laminate or solid surface with stone countertops, this is not some man made creation poured up in a vat.  Every stone slab has a uniqueness all its own.  Your selection of the right material is like shopping for a painting or a piece of antique furniture.  The end result is a statement.
Many granite suppliers have tried to make stone countertops into a discount store commodity. IT IS NOT!  Although now reasonably priced, it is still a luxury item.  Informed house buyers can tell the difference between a ‘slap and go’ granite job and a quality custom project.  Many of these chop shops advertise ridiculous prices just to draw consumers in and then try to ‘switch them up’ once they realize what they are getting.  Granite can be affordable without being cheap!
‘Cheap’ normally signifies poor quality. Don’t fall for this.
As you start your granite shopping do your research, ask questions, study granite 101, and be informed. The result will be a final product that is one that you can both live with and enjoy, or one that will help promote the sale of your property.

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