Monday, July 7, 2014

How to select quality granite and marble (even if you've never shopped granite or marble)

Who can you trust?  When you finally decide to replace those laminate counter tops, get the scoop on your fabricator.  These days there are so many #granite and #marble fabricators attempting to peddle their wares that the trade is diluted with commercial grade granite.  The best way to get a quality job is to learn as much as possible.
Aquario Granite Slab
You may only purchase granite once per home so here are some tips to protect you.  Some stones are very pretty to look at but the real beauty also runs throughout the slab.  Some granite will have cracks that have been filled in with epoxy or some other substance. If you know what to look for, it is easy to find.  Know who you’re doing business with and ask for customer referrals. Do they do the little things to insure a trouble-free installation?
What should you look for?  Beware of contractor grade stones available at a reduced rate.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  I once read an advertisement for granite that was totally unethical.  They advertised a granite kitchen countertop for $2,500 based on 40 square feet.  Holy Cow, that comes to over $60 per square foot.  They were offering common granite selections that can be purchased for a lot less money. The craziest thing is that it was supposedly 50% off. Geeeeez, that would be over $120 per square foot. Sure there are exotics that cost that much, but they were qualifying the least expensive stones available.
How does the fabricator reinforce their sinks? How do they reinforce their cutouts? Do you get to select your slab and have final approval of the layout?
Havana Granite Slab
Where do you find qualified fabricators?  Talk around, see your options at several different places.  If you know someone that you like and trust, they may be your best source for a referral.  When you shop for the cheapest job you destroy your status as an informed consumer. Some fabricators really don’t care about a good job and know that you aren’t an expert.  Once they have your money……it’s a race to the bank

Most stone prices are comparable.  The only way to get the same product at a reduced price is to cut corners on quality or installation.  Remember the joy of a low priced job doesn’t last as long as the beauty of a quality granite and marble job. Natural stone can be reasonable without being cheap. 
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