Friday, June 20, 2014

God only makes cows so big!

Lady, we just can't stretch the granite!

Customers consistently ask if their job will require any seams. We assure them that we only put seams when they are necessary. To determine this, several factors come into play:

-What is the layout of the project?
-How large and what shape are the pieces?
-What is the size of the raw slab and how does the project layout on the slab?
-Where are the sink and cooktop cutouts in the lay-out?
-Is there easy access to the work area?
-What kind of stone is involved?

All of these questions come into play. On many projects we can eliminate all seams. However, on jobs with extra-long runs we cannot. Some customers try to demand that the job be fabricated without seams even if the cabinet sizes are longer than the slabs that they selected. We cannot stretch #granite. In comparison, how many leather coats have you ever seen without seams? Are the sleeves not generally sewn on? They only make cows so big and in certain shapes! Most informed and old time granite customers are aware of this and realize that this is part of the beauty and craftsmanship of natural stone.

An indication of a good #granite supplier are the locations of seams (when necessary) and the quality of the seams. Vacuum seam-setters should be used to insure a tight and minimal seam. Always ask to see an example of your installers work. Also, remember, earth tone and variegated stones hide seams better than dark and solid stones. On some stones they almost disappear.
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