Monday, April 28, 2014

Truth in Advertising!

Don't be fooled by half off granite

On a popular site I recently saw a company advertising a last chance for a super deal for half off on up to 40 square feet of #granite.  The deal said the granite was normally $5,000 for 40 square foot but offered at $2,500 including installation.  If you do the math the $5,000 figure comes to $125 per square foot. There was a list of materials applicable that included many of the least expensive granites on the market. $2500 is not a deal on these materials. Most reputable granite companies would have installed first choice materials in these colors for far less than $2500 without using deceitful marketing practices.  I guess some companies can use whatever pricing strategies they want.    Do your research, granite suppliers that both over price and under price their granite are trying to draw you in for a reason.  Be an informed consumer.
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