Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Splash or not to Splash!

What is a backsplash?  This is a product intended to protect the wall behind your sinks and lavatories from water splashes. In the case of the kitchen it protects the wall from grease and food splatters as well.  Splashes also add an aesthetic value to your kitchen or bath. Backsplashes come in all colors, sizes, shapes and patterns, depending on if you are using tile, granite or marble.
Let’s discuss the 4” back splash first, using a matching material to your countertop or a tile alternative. In this case its main function is to protect the wall from water and not as much aesthetics.  Imagine that you spilled a pot of water.  The splash will protect the wall from the water dripping behind your cabinets and making a very expensive repair.  So at the minimum you need a 4 inch splash.
If you are tiling an existing wall with an existing countertop it is acceptable to tile above the 4” splash that you currently have.  However, if you are replacing this it may better serve you to save the money from the 4 inch splash and apply it to an alternate, more decorative full height tile splash.

There are countless tiles, some pre-matted mosaics, fabricated especially for the #backsplash area.  This tile can be glass, porcelain, ceramic or just about anything attractive to you.  It is normally installed from the top of the counter to the bottom of the upper cabinets. This is a much cleaner look. Tile prices can vary greatly, so do your homework and tally your totals.  This tile will vary in pricing from ultra-reasonable to very expensive. 

Full height #granite, #marble or #quartz solid surface splashes add an incredible look to your kitchen. The beauty of the stone is the continual movement of the veins or variegation that runs across your counters and then flows up your wall as a work of art. Full height stone splashes truly are God and Mother Nature’s artwork!
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